Children’s Dentistry

At Bayside Family Dentistry, Dr. Laura sees patients of all ages! The College of Dental Surgeons recommends that a child be seen as early as 1 years old, and we agree. This doesn’t mean a full check up and cleaning, we’d just like to introduce your child to the office and dental team. Dr. Laura and her staff will show your child all the fun things that we do and take them for a ride in the chair, as well as address any oral health care questions you may have. If your child is comfortable, we can continue on with a check up and then let them pick a prize at the end of the appointment. Dr. Laura will work with both you and your child to ensure positive dental experience. She prides herself on having been able to work with many children who have been told by their previous dentist that they need to see a specialist to have any dental work done. Dentistry doesn’t need to hurt or be scary. Dr. Laura wants nothing but the best for her growing patients and to provide positive experiences that your child will carry with them into adulthood.